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Omer UP-X1R

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UP-X1R UP-X1R wiederaufladbare Freitauchcomputer

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New Rechargable Freediving computer with carbon fiber ring, featuring PC or MAC interface and heart rate chest strap for both Dive and Chrono mode. The UP-X1R is customizable with personal data, providing an indication of energy consumption and heartbeat. The UP-X1R can be easily turned off during storage. The “Powersave” mode, ensures that during inactivity the standby function switches on automatically.This computer, besides the standard properties of a digital watch (Hour, Date, Chrono, Timer, Alarm, Dual Time), features a switchable Dive function, providing depth, dive time, water temperature and heart rate. Dive mode starts automatically at 1 m. Once on surface, it shows recovery time, all data of the previous dive and heartbeat. Memory: Max up to 250 dive records. When “Dive” mode is OFF, the UP-X1R is a heart rate monitor for running, swimming and cycling sessions.The heart rate monitor belt is able to detect the freediver heartbeat in deep diving. The heart rate monitor, available on UP-X1 and SP2, works with 5.3 KHz frequency. It features heart rate range from 30 to 240 BPM and heart rate alert.Stainless steel case back with Umberto Pelizzari and Omer logo, equipped with USB recharging cable and data download. By connecting the UP-X1R or the UP-X1 to your PC or MAC, you can download all the dive data in a special program that allows you to display and store all recorded info. This PC program (not available for Mac), is very easy to use and its updating is automatically available for free download ( from time to time.



NameOmer UP-X1R


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