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C4 Fins Umberto Pelizzari Soft

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Umberto Pelizzari. Dieser mythische Name und nicht viel mehr würde ausreichen, um diese Flossen zu beschreiben. Zehntausende von Trainingsstunden, eine beeindruckende Serie von Weltrekorden in konstantem Gewicht machen Umberto zu einer absoluten Referenz, wenn es um Wissen und Erfahrung in der Verwendung von Freitauchausrüstung geht.

HINWEIS: Die Flossen werden unmontiert ausgeliefert.

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Umberto Pelizzari. This mythical name and not much more would be enough to describe these fins. Tens of thousands of hours spent training, an impressive series of World Records in Constant Weight make Umberto an absolute reference when it comes to knowledge and experience in the use of freediving equipment.

The new UP fins featuring technopolymer blades and 250 foot pockets are the result of the close collaboration between Umberto and C4.

The Technopolymer Blade Fin has been created by using the most recent plastic moulding technologies. Performance, which has always been a real obsession for Umberto, is at the basis of this project.

Foot pocket 250

The UP fins feature the new 250, the latest evolution of the fin foot pocket created by C4.

Thanks to the use of a TPE 75 ShA polymer overmolded on a rigid sole, the 250 foot pocket transmits energy from the foot to the blade in the best possible way, resulting in highly efficient fins.

The design of the geometries has allowed to use minimum thicknesses resulting in a reduction of the weight of the 250 footpocket in size 41/42 to just 250gr.


The reduced mass (weight) of the 250 footpocket minimises the energy required for movement, thus allowing the diver to save considerable energy and consequently reduce muscle fatigue.

The connection between the foot pocket and the blade, thanks to the internal sole, is rigid and solid, and transmits the force to the blades efficiently.

The assembly of the blade on the footpocket without side horns, already created by C4 in 2006, allows an elastic bending of the blade along its entire length.


The 3° pre-shaped anatomy of the 250 makes it particularly comfortable to wear.

The reduced thicknesses fit the shape of the upper to the shape of the foot, without painful constraints.


The polymer used for the 250 foot pocket is particularly elastic and allows for an easy and simple fit, thus improving comfort. The insole allows to have a stiff footpocket in the sole area but comfortable in the upper.


The 250 footpocket features a simple assembly of the blade thanks to a single sturdy M6 screw. The assembly and disassembly of the blade is quick and simple and the overall dimensions are optimal in case of air travel.

Advanced polymer blade

The best result is achievable only by combining a top quality footpocket with a highly performing blade. The new Umberto Pelizzari are designed with blades that put together all the elements needed: high quality materials, a futuristic design, advanced manufacturing and great mechanical resistance.


The design and material of the blade are key features to obtain both softness, high elastic return and strong resistance to breaking. C4 has selected and tested many different polymers, selecting two blends, one for the Soft version and one for the Medium stiffness blades. These two solutions guarantee extremely high performance and resistance.

Integrated water rails

A key element feature by the C4 Umberto Pelizzari fins is the fact that the water rails are over-moulded on the blades. The length (30.2* cm), the variable height (max 17.8* mm), the thickness (3.3* mm) and the material (thermo rubber) are another important feature of these blades. The result is a blade that works perfectly with no interference from the water rails and minimal lateral sliding of the fin.


The blade features a central smooth and glossy band which widens from the foot-pocket to the tip of the blade. On the sides, the surface feature a carbon fiber finish look. On the back side of the blade, the finish of the surface is exactly the opposite.

The tip of the blade is shaped as whale’s tail. The blade is 59 cm long at the center and 62.5 cm laterally. The measure takes into consideration the length from the tip of the foot-pocket to the end of the blade. The total maximum length of the blade is 79.5 cm, while the total maximum length of the fin, so including the foot-pocket, it is 91 cm.

Two long ribs are featured laterally on both surfaces of the blade, but they are 5 cm longer on the top side. On the back side of the blade there is an additional central nerve which runs almost all along the length of the blade. On the back surface, just before and after the tip of the foot-pocket, there are two 16 cm long ribs, 15 mm wide and 9 mm long, with an almost triangular section. The thickness in front of the foot-pocket is 3.4 mm, and goes down to 1.6 mm at the tip of the blade.

The angle of the blade is 29°, which added to the 3° angle of the C4 250 foot-pocket, brings the total angle to 32°.

Low weight

Today the C4 Umberto Pelizzari fins are by far the lightest on the market of long polymer blade fins. They weigh less than 1200 grams a pair.


UP fins are a 100% MADE IN ITALY by C4.All C4 carbon fiber blades have always been entirely manufactured in our production plant in Italy.

Starting this year, a new plastic injection department has been added at C4 plant and this is where the 250 footpockets and UP blades are manufactured.

Blade dimension:

625×795 mm

Fine dimension 42/43:

625×910 mm

Blade hardness:

Soft or Medium

Water Rails color:


Water Rails type:

Progressive geometry. Overmoulded on the blades.



Sizes Europe:

36/37 (223 x 87 mm), 38/39 (242 x 94 mm), 40/41 (261 x 101 mm), 41/42 (270 x 104 mm), 42/43 (280 x 108 mm), 43/44 (288 x 111 mm), 44/45 (299 x 115 mm)

Sizes US/Canada

11/12, 4/4.5, 5.5/6, 7/8, 8.5/9.5, 8/9, 9.5/10.5

Shoe pre-shape:

Compatible with:

All carbon blades of the MB series and UP (Umberto Pelizzari) technopolymer blades



NameC4 Fins Umberto Pelizzari Soft
Garantie2 Jahre


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